Why Academy of the Performing Arts ballet and creative dance classes are so great!

We have a new location at St. Peter's United Church of Christ (1795 West College Ave., State College, PA 16801), and we are embarking on a great new future!  2018-19 will be a focus on beginners, ages 2-7.  In 2019-20 we will have additional teachers on board and will be offering ballet programs for higher levels and other dance genres.  

Carol Pharo excels in bringing out the best in very young dancers!  Ballet technique is emphasized from the beginning, but not the kind that turns kids off to dance or scares them away from hard work.  Classes and performances are a joy, all with age-appropriate goals.  Carol's classes are also unusual in promoting a high level of creative dance.  "Creativity" needs to be encouraged and developed as early as possible.  Changes in the brain are happening all the time in our young students, and it is a time in which gifts and talents may be easily accessed or negatively submerged.

Why ballet technique for very young children?  A dancer is developing his/her body just as a luthier is building a violin.  Children are constantly training themselves how to move and how to produce the thoughts/affects they want.  It can be very challenging, even discouraging, at a later age for that creative being to "un-learn" movements he/she has previously enjoyed in order to join a ballet program.  At the other extreme one finds teenagers who have become ballet athletes, but not musicians or artists.

At the Academy of the Performing Arts, we are able to develolp the whole child with a ballet syllabus based on Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) principles; a singing ballet teacher; creative dance to live music on instruments such as piano, violin, recorder, and harp; and dramatic themes/scenes with props and costumes.

No, we won't be staging a full Nutcracker--not this year!  But the movement technique and musical development your child receives will last a lifetime!